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About Me

I am passionate about EPIC music production. My skills are




Signal Processing

I started Makketronix few years ago but I have not gotten the chance to grow it until recently. I am focusing on music creation via scoring, and I am innovating in the domain of mixing by applying my programming and signal processing skills into the music domain.

While I don't know where the path will lead, I will definitely enjoy the trip

Current Work

I am releasing my first tracks on Unity and other stores related to video games. Some will be modified (improved) versions of those tracks found on spotify.

Other Planned Work

If interested, please check elmusicar for a side music project I am building.

Creating VST plugins and scripts for REAPER and KONTAKT

Seeking Opportunities

Are you interested in collaborating? Feel free to contact me at

makketron at outlook dot com

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  • makketron at outlook dot com