Cinematic Studio Series Legato Shifter


This tool takes your MIDI file, finds the legatos, and shifts them so that they work with Cinematic Studio Series VSTs.

Suppose you play A, then B, so that A and B overlap. This tool assumes that B is played at the correct time. Usually in a DAW you extend B to the left, to anticipate the legato transition. NOT HERE. This tool has to work with notation software. So A must be extended to the right, and then the tool shifts B to the left correctly. This also means that if legatos are already shifted, they will be shifted again. The tool cannot tell that a note has already been shifted, so use this on an unmodified file. If you already have modified some tracks, select them as "O" for Other, and the tool will ignore these tracks.

Input: MIDI File with one or many tracks. The legatos must be a single line. You cannot have a chord for example. Why? Legato is detected by overlapping notes. The file you provide and the output stay on your computer and are NOT sent to the cloud.

Select Legato Types: You can choose the instrument type and the legato type you want: Standard or expressive.

Output:The file is saved to your computer. The file appears to have been "downloaded". This is a limitation (due to security) from browsers.

Tip 1: If the notes are too fast, the legatos will be processed but will not sound timely. Why? If a legato transition needs 1 second to complete, and you play 2 notes in 1 second. The second note will take 1 second to complete. Total time is then 1.5 seconds. It is how CSS works

Tip 2: The first track usually may have title "undefined" or the file name. That is to be imporved in the future. That track has the MIDI information such as TEMPO, etc. Keep it set to Other (O)

Tip 3: As you select the instrument, the color will change to match the VST library

Tip 4: WW is woodwind instrumnet, BR is brass instrument, TpT is trumpet, ST is strings. Trumpet has different legato transition timing so it is separated.

Tip 5: If you want to select another file, refersh the webpage. I will fix this in the future. You may choose to encourage me to do it faster by subscribing to my YouTube Channel!